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Short Sales can be a very frustrating ordeal for many agents. Not for us. If done right, a Short Sale should take no longer than 2 to 3 months max from the time we receive an offer. We have seen other agents taking as much as 7 to 8 months to get a deal done, that is unacceptable. Our in house negotiator has more then 20 years experience dealing with these banks and knows just what they’re looking for to expedite the Short Sale process.
We are very aggressive with pricing; you have to be if you want to get your home sold in this very competitive market. Our main goal is to get you out from under your upside down home so you can get on with your life. Now here’s the best part, it costs you nothing. All fees and commissions are paid by the buyer and bank.


Jeff Star & Fawn Star have been selling real estate in the valley for over 10 years. Their career started out with buying and selling investment properties which led them straight into the residential shakeonitresale side of the business. Short Sale Agent

Helping their clients by means of facilitating smooth seamless transactions and knowledge of all aspects of the industry have been a staple to their success. Keeping up with the demand in the “valley” in regard to Short Sales has been a number one priority. Finding new ways to expedite the Short Sale process is key. Dealing with clientele and offering top notch customer service and negotiating is the most important part of their business and building strong working relationships keeps the referrals coming in.