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Join the Thousands of homeowners, who have successfully avoided foreclosure.

Foreclosure is not your only option
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With a short sale, time is of the essence, it’s basically a race against the clock to get your home under contract and approved by your lien holder and any pending foreclosure postponed. We are very good at what we do and we strive to be the best short sale agents in Arizona. Our extensive network includes not only the MLS, but just about every major real estate website including the investors we work with on a daily basis along with all of our in house realtors to expedite the purchase of your home in order to get the short sale process rolling. Receiving an offer is step one in the short sale process In order to postpone a foreclosure or do any negotiations with the bank(s). After receiving an offer on your property we will contact you to compile all necessary documents in order to build a scenario that the bank will accept. If you have not been making your monthly mortgage payments and you have a pending foreclosure date, we will work diligently to have the foreclosure on your property postponed, please don’t wait until the last minute to call or you will unfortunately run out of time. We are not like other Short Sale agents at Star & Associates we do not charge any upfront fees for your Short Sale, we get paid by the bank at the close of escrow so not cost to you.

We understand that for some people a Short Sale may be an embarrassing thing to talk about, but what most people don’t understand is that from an investment standpoint short selling your worriedhome may be the smartest thing you can do. Why hold onto a property that is no longer worth what you paid? Why struggle month to month being house poor. Why pay on a $300k mortgage when the same house next to you just sold for $200k. It’s not your fault that your neighbors are selling cheap and bringing down the value in the area. It’s not your fault that you can’t refinance your adjustable rate mortgage because your loan to value is too high. Take advantage of the bank incentive programs while you still can, and unload that mountain of debt. You’re not alone you’re one of a million in this situation.


Finding a good Arizona Short Sale realtor/service is not easy, there are so many Short Sale agents to choose from and so many different Short Sale scenarios that one could become confused as to which way to go. Jeff & Fawn Star have preformed literally hundreds of Short Sales in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria and the surrounding cities in Maricopa County. They have worked with just about every bank out there and know all of the Short Sale policies and procedures that go along with each an every bank in order to execute and complete the Short Sale transaction from start to finish in a timely manner. Working with Jeff & Fawn you will get two Short Sale realtors that talk straight with no beating around the bush. Your Short Sale is a big deal and they take it seriously. Knowing all aspects of the Short Sale business and their commitment to get your Short Sale done is what makes Jeff & Fawn Star two of the top Short Sale agents in Arizona. All it takes is one phone call to get your Short Sale moving in the right direction.

As the Phoenix Short Sale market slowly declines, so do the Phoenix Short Sale realtors. Most Short Sale realtors in Phoenix have gotten out of the business while others like Jeff and Fawn Star continue working on honing their Short Sale skills in this niche Short Sale market. Whether it be buying a Phoenix Short Sale or selling a Phoenix Short Sale or Glendale Short Sale , Peoria Short Sale, or any other Short Sale in Maricopa county, Jeff and Fawn are your go to premier Short Sale agents above all others. They have successfully closed more then 300 Short Sale transactions. AgentShort Sales are not all that Jeff & Fawn Star do, they also work on conventional sales whether it buying or selling there is no real estate deal that to hard to handle. As you may or may not know the Short Sale transaction is the most difficult real estate transaction that can be done, so anything else is a piece of cake. Give Jeff & Fawn Star a shot on your next real estate transaction you won’t be disappointed. If you happen to know anyone looking to buy, sell, or Short Sale their property we offer a fantastic referral program.

We Short Sale homes in the follow cities

Glendale Short Sale, Avondale Short Sale, Litchfield Park Short Sale, Carefree Short Sale, Paradise Valley Short Sale, Buckeye Short Sale, Peoria Short Sale, Tempe Short Sale, Phoenix Short Sale, Mesa Short Sale, Scottsdale Short Sale, Ahwatukee Short Sale, Chandler Short Sale, Gilbert Short Sale